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What's In A Word...

What's in a word? At Vanguard Cigar Club we think one word can say it all! Consider our name 'Vanguard Cigar Club'. The name wasn't chosen lightly.

When we decided to open our own cigar lounge, we set out to create one that was distinctive, that epitomized the cigar experience; it had to be different than most of what we had seen across the State. So, we decided to do it the way we envisioned it, rather than invest in an existing business.

Our venue needed to be at the forefront of the industry, distinctive ... a leader. We felt the name needed to capture the spirit of our vision and provide an immediate image of it.

While we knew the image we wanted to convey, we couldn't quite put our finger on the word that captured it. After multiple naming exercises we came across the meaning of vanguard, below. When you are the "Vanguard" you are the leading edge, the tip of the spear, at the forefront. And so, we became Vanguard Cigar Club!

We hope you will come in and witness the distinctive atmosphere and enjoy the Vanguard experience.

  • van·guard- Noun

  • vanguards - Plural noun

  • A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas

  • “The experimental spirit of the modernist vanguard”

  • A position at the forefront of new developments or ideas.

  • “The prototype was in the vanguard of technical development”


forefront · van · advance guard · avant-garde · spearhead · front ·

front line · front rank · fore · lead · leading position · cutting edge · driving force · leaders · founders · creators · instigators · trendsetters · innovators · groundbreakers

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